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This story is being continuously updated…. New updates are being added at the bottom…. Head here to access that page. So what exactly is happening?

Well, the road to MIUI 12 for Pocophone F1 users has been a rather bumpy one and from the look of things, the wait is still on and will continue to be for quite a while.

The update was postponed once more and this time, the moderators were bullish, asking users to stop asking about the update and that it would roll out when it was ready. However, this build went out to the users in the Mi Pilot program only. And even then, this turned out to be a grossly watered-down version of MIUI 12 with so many features missing. One of the most notable features that is missing from the initial Mi Pilot Program build of Poco F1 includes the fancy Super Wallpapers.

Source 12.

miui 12 update

Frustration is mounting, tempers are flaring as users are increasingly growing restless over the seemingly endless wait for an update to MIUI 12 for the Pocophone F1. As of now, we do not have any information on this update please stay tuned to our social media channels. It remains unclear what the hold up is about.

Also worth noting is that the beta testing phase is expected to last several weeks. With two weeks down the line, it does look like the wait for MIUI 12 to roll out widely is soon coming to an end. But of course, we have no specific dates. More on that here. An Mi community moderator has recently cleared the air stating that the call recording and Face Unlock features will remain intact on the device with MIUI 12 stable update.

Read the full story here. A beta tester has recently reported an overheating issue while recording a seconds 4K 30fps video.

This issue is being experience by other beta testers as well. Read the full coverage here.

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In response, a member of the feedback team said that Poco F1 Global Beta Stable rolling out to random users for testing. A Poco Executive has responded that the update will be releasing very soon.Check out the list of devices confirmed to be getting the update below.

Xiaomi says the rollout is starting this month, and some of these phones have already started getting the MIUI 12 update in India. Besides these, there are many other Xiaomi phones scheduled to receive the new software.

You can read all about MIUI 12 and the devices slated to get it in the original article below. It also gets new features such as a revamped dark mode, improved privacy and security tools, new animations, new wallpapers, and much more. The new Dark Mode 2. The feature will work in tandem with the time of day and will gradually dim the wallpaper as daylight changes to night time.

Xiaomi is also tweaking the way text is displayed as users switch between light and dark modes. In MIUI 12, the phone will automatically adjust the weight and boldness of the font to reduce glare when the dark mode is turned on. This should vastly improve legibility of text in low-lit conditions. In MIUI12, Xiaomi has visualized the core system information, allowing you to see the status of the system at a glance. You will be able to set these Super Wallpapers on both your locked and unlocked phone screens.

When the dark mode is turned on, the planet chosen by you for the wallpaper will also enter night time, thereby enhancing your visual experience. Xiaomi Mi10Youth mi10youthedition miui12 System animation, perfect horizontal and vertical screen rotation animation pic. Xiaomi has focused a lot on a visual redesign when it comes to MIUI The new skin will bring realistic weather animations and show real-time weather changes displayed in the form of a time-lapse movie on your screen.

The animation of app icons also gets a refresh.

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App icons will now generate real-time feedback based on your gestures. Xiaomi says changes in gesture direction and speed will cause application icons to react differently. For instance, when you delete an application, the ripple animation will also affect the surrounding app icons. MIUI 12 also brings some new gestures to your phones.

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You can also slide out the notification panel to expand it into a small window, which you can drag to the side for a split-screen effect. You also have different gestures for bringing up the control center and notifications shade.


You can now swipe down from the top right side for the control center where you can quickly change some settings. Swiping down from the top left will bring up the notifications shade where you can see all your notifications.

With MIUI 12, Xiaomi users will also be able to record activities like walking, running, cycling, and climbing stairs, by just keeping their phones in their pockets.

Xiaomi also wants you to sleep with your phone on your pillow. MIUI 12 will bring sleep tracking that works by placing your phone on your pillow while you sleep. This, the company claims, can help track when you went to bed, how long you slept, how deep you slept, and whether you had dreams or snored.

They will also be able to switch between automatic or manual call answering. MIUI 12 also brings enhanced privacy features to Xiaomi phones. MIUI 12 will also help users keep track of app behavior. You will be able to view a record of how an app behaves on your phone, the information it collects, the other applications it uses, etc, all in one place.

Photo sharing will also be safer.Last year, Xiaomi had launched the MIUI 11 global version for their devices worldwide running on top of Android 9 and We saw some visual and battery optimization changes as major changes.

This is a welcome change as Xiaomi is always held accountable for slow updates on their wide variety of devices. The company has also given out the list of devices that will be receiving the new update, along with the dates for each one of them.

It brings several exciting features including Dark Mode 2. Regular Redmi 6 Pro users will have to wait for a few days to receive a stable update. As of now, Redmi Note 9 starts getting the update in India.

The rollout will begin in a few days. Global and other regional units may get the update in the coming weeks. It looks, the update is currently available for Indian users who joined for the Mi Pilot program. Also, Mi 8 users in China are getting the latest Xiaomi skin with the update version V Redmi 10X 4G in China with version V It also packs the July security patch.

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July A limited number of Redmi Note 9 users are getting a new software update with version v It is based on Android 10 OS. It weighs around 1. We can expect a wider rollout in a week. If your Note 8 Pro has been selected during the recruitment program you will receive the update soon. The wider rollout to all users will be live after a successful beta test.

The update is currently available for Chinese users. June 17 : Mi 10 Lite Zoom users with firmware version The former comes with V The update weighs around MB in size. If you are from other countries and willing to test Beta ROM then apply here.Source 12. This is the most important part as it is not possible to manually install or flash a ROM without unlocking the device bootloader. Select the Mi Unlock status option found under Developer Options itself.

Tap on Add account and device to link your Mi account. NOTE: If you are getting the error then you should wait for a week before trying again as multiple attempts might lead to temporary blocking of your account.

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Now, directly sign in from the Mi Unlock status page using the Add account and device option and the error should get fixed. Reboot the device in fastboot mode by pressing and holding the Power and Volume down buttons simultaneously. When you see the Phone Connected status, click on the Unlock button. Click on the Unlock button to unlock your Redmi Note 9S.

This method requires the device to be unlocked so be sure to go through the Unlocking Bootloader section above before proceeding. Reboot your Redmi Note 9S in fastboot mode by simultaneously pressing and holding the Power and Volume down buttons. Launch the Mi Flash Tool with admin privileges and click on refresh so the device gets recognized.

miui 12 update

At the bottom right corner, select the clean all radio button. Click on the Flash button at the upper right corner next to refresh. You have successfully installed the MIUI 12 update on your device. Tap on Menu three dots in the top right corner and select the Choose update package option. However, this method will not work if you are shifting from a beta software version to a stable one. For the official ROM installation guide from Xiaomi, head over here.

miui 12 update

However, ensure that you thoroughly follow the steps given above and only flash the ROMs that are meant for a particular device in order to avoid bricking. Meanwhile, you can check out our MIUI 12 update tracker to get the latest information on the topic.

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[Update: October 07] Xiaomi MIUI 12 global update bug tracker: Issues reported & fixed so far

Head here. I'm a techy who is particularly fond of Android smartphones. A writer who usually finds himself on the other side of the spectrum. An artist who likes to sing and play the guitar. Also a photographer when in the mood. Deveshwar Bhardwaj.More devices are expected to receive the stable update in the coming weeks beginning June all the way to July, which is when phase 2 of the rollout will begin. Here, we will keep track of these bugs and other issues reported by users of the global MIUI The article will be updated regularly to reflect the latest bugs discovered in the software NOTE : The bug table has been moved to the bottom of this story.

Xiaomi has fully addressed some of the bugs above, among them the Super Wallpaper download issue, Mi Account sign out bug, inability to turn off find device feature, and more. The full details are captured here. Check out the full story along with all the bug reports here. Xiaomi Mi 9T users are now reporting about a bug that results in the notification panel or status bar displaying black text on top of the dark background when dark mode is enabled. This bug appeared after installing the MIUI 12 update.

Here’s how to install MIUI 12 update on Redmi Note 9S right away

Check out the full story here. The Poco F2 Pro units in Europe and Indonesia are beginning to receive a new software update which brings fixes for the floating window bug and the unresponsive touch issue. See the full story here. The Gaussian blur not appearing in the notification bar drop-down and some notification icons not being displayed in the native style are now fixed.

The fixes will soon be added to the stable channel as well. A new bug on the Redmi Note 8 Pro which automatically caches files created by the clear app has been reported. Many new bugs have been reported on the Poco F1 including the bug which crashes the screen recorder and the refresh rate issue on the Poco Launcher. As usual, we will post an update if and when these bugs are fixed. Read the full coverage here.

Another section of users running MIUI 12 on their Poco F2 Pro reported that the Control Centre does not have a blurred background due to which the quick toggles appear as an overlay on top of the display. A Mi Community forum mod acknowledged the issue and confirmed that they are looking into the issue.

Read the full story here. The problem has been acknowledged by a Device team member at the Mi community. Complete coverage here. At present, Xiaomi has not yet responded to the issue. Catch all the details here. And in response to one user, a mod stated that this is a known issue and a fix should arrive in a future update. In response, a moderator says that the Themes app may need an update. Let me check with the team. Will check and update you.MIUI 12 is the newest big release for Xiaomi smartphones, perhaps even bigger than an Android version jump.

MIUI 12 brings along a cleaner UI, new animations, changes to navigation gestures, new live wallpapers, and AOD designs, privacy indicators for the microphone, camera, and location usage, improvements to multi-window, and Picture-in-Picture, an in-built sleep tracker, and many more changes throughout the UX!

This article covers devices that have received a stable MIUI 12 update in any region. If you are looking for closed betas, you can follow along our dedicated coverage here:.

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Here are the devices that currently have a stable MIUI 12 build available. Note that the devices are sorted alphabetically for their codename. Generic flashing instructions are available at the bottom of this article. However, we advise users to refer to the device forums for specific flashing instructions for their device, in case there are any variations or special instructions that need to be followed.

Beta stable updates are only intended for users enrolled within the Mi Pilot beta testing program, meaning that builds assigned for this group will not install on devices with Mi Accounts that do not have the requisite permission. Once the Mi Pilot beta testers give positive feedback, the same build then gets opened up as a stable release, creating a lot of confusion — for instance, the same builds linked below might first fail to install, but then they will make an appearance through the official OTA.

If you get the error message that the update is for closed beta testers only, you can sideload the update through TWRP. Download links to MIUI 12 stable and beta stable releases are included below.

These builds are first sorted with device codenames, and then according to their regions and release. Note that these are generic flashing instructions that should generally be applicable across Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices.

However, there is a possibility that there is a variation that is unique to your device, so we strongly advise visiting your device forums for device-specific instructions.

Recovery ROMs come with a. You can also use a custom recovery like TWRP for installing these ROMs, though do note that device-specific instructions may differ in that case. Fastboot ROMs come with a. However, despite being comparatively more complicated to install than Recovery ROMs, Fastboot ROMs are sometimes the only way to boot into a working system.

Commerce and Law graduate with a passion for all things Android, Aamir frequently helps people get the best out of their budget smartphones through generous use of custom roms and kernels. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb.Xiaomi is currently rolling out its latest skin dubbed MIUI 12 for eligible devices.

The rollout has been ongoing for more than a couple of months at this point and many devices have already bagged it. MIUI 12 was first announced in China and along with that it also released its schedule for the rollout. After this, it begins rolling out the same update for Global, European, and other units. Of course, this is to be expected since, after all, Xiaomi is based out of China so it makes sense that the company will release updates for devices on the China ROM.

At present, this has also been the case with the MIUI 12 rollout. Most eligible phones that have a Chinese counterpart have picked up the latest skin from Xiaomi already such as the Redmi Note 9 which has got the Redmi 10X 4G moniker in China. All these phones have two things in common. The first common factor is that neither of them has got the MIUI 12 stable update. Naturally, concerned users have been taking to the Mi forums to seek a response regarding why Xiaomi is delaying the release of MIUI 12 for the phones.

As for other devices, it has to be built from the ground up, and hence the delay. So until the company finishes developing MIUI 12 for these devices from the ground up, users will have to continue waiting. Head here for more details. Unfortunately, the mod did not share an ETA for the rollout. See more details here. For more details, head here. For detailed coverage, head here. For the detailed coverage, head here. More details here. Good news!!!


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